Alternative routes in Siena: ‘Nose to the sky’

siena in shots

There is a new way to observe Siena: have you ever imagined walking around looking upward?

We have created a Photo Contest to suggest to those staying in Siena an alternative itinerary, actually five.

If you would also like to participate in the contest and find out about the routes visit this link.



Walking around Siena, you will find that everywhere you look there are small beauties worth capturing. The architecture of the buildings, the monuments, every corner here hides a splendid glimpse.

But what many people forget to do as they walk through the historic center is to look upward.

All you have to do is look up into the sky to discover another view of the city.

Remember to always use #sienainshots and #visitsiena when sharing your photos.

Below are the stages of your nose-up shots.

The route starts from the heart of the city: Piazza del Campo, entering inside the Cortile del Podestà it will be impossible not to look upward.


  • Courtyard of the Podesta
  • Rinaldini Street
  • Cathedral area
  • Piccolomini Bookshop
  • Santa Maria della Scala
  • Chigiana Academy
  • Salimbeni Square


You can follow the route from wherever you are:


Courtyard of the Podesta

Stand in the exact center of the courtyard, look upward and be enraptured by its beauty.


Rinaldini Street

Move in and out of the tower and have fun finding your favorite shot. Try different angles of the phone, but be careful not to hit passersby.


Cathedral area

Streetlights can be helpful in locating the spot for the shot, but don’t stop at the first streetlight you see; keep looking until you find the right one.


Piccolomini Bookshop (inside Siena Cathedral)

The frescoed ceiling of the Piccolomini Library is perfect for an eye-opening photo, and sometimes the success of a beautiful photograph is also a matter of …luck!


Santa Maria della Scala – Pellegrinaio Hall

Enjoy your visit to the museum and don’t forget to visit the Pilgrim’s Hall, it will be hard not to look up!


Santa Maria della Scala – Chiesa Santissima Annunziata

You can visit the church by accessing it from inside the Santa Maria della Scala Complex. Isn’t this a nose-in-the-air show?


Chigiana Academy

This is the perfect location for an aperitif and taking romantic photos with your fellow travelers, but here you are entering a contest don’t forget!


Salimbeni Square

Look upward and you will be struck by so much wonder, look carefully, is someone up there?


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