Around the shops of Siena looking for gifts (even Christmas)


December is approaching and with it the magic of Christmas is starting to be felt… So why not take the opportunity and combine a visit to Siena with a bit of healthy shopping? Siena is, in fact, a city that can offer interesting ideas for purchases. From the Mercato nel Campo, the traditional Sienese event in which to do Christmas shopping while reliving the atmosphere of the 14th-century market, to the historic stores that unravel in the alleys and downtown. Unique realities that tell of a savoir-faire that has made Made in Italy famous. Like the craftsmanship of ceramics, loom work or wrought iron, and even the taste and pleasure of the table with typical products that become unparalleled gift ideas. All specificities that tell of a territory rich in history even in small works of art and objects, in crafts and craftsmen and in those workers who hark back to the past centuries of Medieval Siena.

And then off to discover Siena and its historic shops, some real secret museums such as:

Brocchi 1815
Via del Porrione, 41- 43

Founded as a tinsmith’s shop at the beginning of the nineteenth century, it is still managed by the same family today. Over time the business evolved into the processing of iron and metals in general until passing the baton to Laura Brocchi. Today with his own artistic laboratory in vicolo della Fortuna, 33 in which he creates numerous works linked to the Sienese tradition. In fact, she was the author of 5 “masgalani”, and also painted a Palio in 2015. He produces metal embossments, paintings, drawings and bas-reliefs.

Art workshop “Past in the present”
via di Monna Agnese, 7

Here, Marco Caratelli, after studying at the Art Institute of Siena and specializing in the egg yolk tempera technique, creates paintings with gold backgrounds which are copies of important paintings that bring to life the atmosphere of medieval Siena.

For the most fashionable and fashion-loving tourists, there are two shops to see:

Story plots
via San Pietro, 7

An artistic laboratory of hand weaving of clothing and accessories made with the manual loom by Cinzia Gazzarri.

Leather tailoring
via Camollia, 45

Alessandro Stella, here, creates tailor-made leather shoes in his artisan workshop, following every moment of the process.

Fans of the house and above all of good food must stop here:

Il Magnifico oven
Via dei Pellegrini, 27

In the rooms located in the grounds of the sixteenth-century palace “del Magnifico”, built by Pandolfo Petrucci at the time of his attempt to dominate the city of Siena, you can discover all the flavors of the Sienese confectionery and bread-making tradition.

Ancient Manganelli grocery store
Via di Città, 71-73

The business was born in Piazza del Campo, but the ancient original furnishings and the vocation for selling traditional food products have been preserved, even in the new location. A real dive into the excellence not only of Tuscany.


Siena Agricultural Consortium
Via G. Pianigiani, 9

The historic building that houses the Agricultural Consortium was inaugurated in 1905 as the People’s House. Today it is a shop where you can find the best products of Sienese gastronomy, from the famous Chianina to typical pasta, from oil to wine, from cured meats to cheeses and confectionery products.

But there is no shortage of other places to see where you can find gifts and go shopping while walking in the center of Siena… Come and see with your own eyes!


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