Bastione Sound Filippo


From 16 December to 7 January 2023, the San Filippo Bastion of Siena’s Medici Fortress will come alive with a series of musical events that will resonate throughout the city during the festive season!
The first edition of this new Bastione Sound Filippo will feature five evenings of live music, accompanied by cocktail bars, starting at 11:00 pm with free admission.
The program includes:

16 December – Synthonic

The band is based the idea of making the audience dance and have fun and consists of experienced and versatile musicians such as Giacomo Guidi (guitar), Riccardo Morrocchi (bass), and Roberto Bartali (keyboards).
But since the right mix can only be obtained by adding a good dose of freshness, Emilia Barbi (vocals) and Davide Graziani (drums) will join.
They offers a genre ranging from dance/pop/funk/rock, carefully selecting songs and always keeping up to date with current trends to give the listener a catchy, innovative experience.

17 December – Karmadelic

A band ranging from Rock to Funk to Dance.

Music which they describe as ‘dancey’.
The band includes:

  • Gonnelli Irene, voice
  • Pepi Davide, guitar and backing vocals
  • Morrocchi Riccardo, bass
  • Biserni Simone, keyboards
  • Bigazzi Isandro, drums


23 December – Monters & Animals

The project Monsters & Animals originated in Siena in 2015 when Marco decided to set aside the bass guitar after 15 years and started taking Scottish bagpipe lessons from Maestro Alberto Massi. He was attracted by the unique sounds of both Italian and foreign bands of the celtic-rock genre or rock with Celtic influences.

This new path was a success and, after about a year, Marco was chosen along with other ‘pipers’ to participate in the concert Rock in 1000 at Cesena Stadium. After this experience, the idea emerged of forming a cover band inspired by groups such as Dropkick Murphy’s, The Real McKenzies, Flatfoot 56, Paddy and The Rats, etc…

The name Monsters & Animals was inspired by the original nature of this musical genre, which was capable of arousing curiosity and distrust much like folkloristic and grotesque characters or the exotic animals that performed in 19th-century circuses.

The band currently includes Samuele Turchi (vocals); Giulio Ruffoli (guitar + backing vocals); Riccardo Morrocchi (bass); Lorenzo Fabbri (drums); Luca Mercurio (banjo/accordion + backing vocals); and Marco Fusi (great highland bagpipe).

6 January – Bcube

The rock soul of this Sienese band formed in 2012 can be recognized in a musical journey from the 1960s to the present day with music that combines different genres from rock ‘n’ roll to punk in an original style enriched by vocal harmonies.

The band includes:

  • Tommaso: Voice/Guitar
  • Andrea: Keyboard/Voice
  • Lorenzo: Guitar/Voice
  • Duccio: Bass/Voice
  • Federico: Drums

7 January – Sidewalk Biters & Carcadance


The group of very young musicians formed a few years ago at the Music Academy of Siena will take us on a journey through pop, soul and RnB, offering a groovy sound among great songs of the past and present.

The band includes:

  • Lavinia Bota, voice
  • Giulia Neri, voice
  • Valeska Sanchez, voice
  • Tommaso Mariucci, guitar
  • Sofia Fabbrizzi, keyboards
  • Roberto D’Avanzo, bass
  • Matteo Parigiani, drums



This will be followed by dancing with performances by Carcadance, a band of professional musicians and teachers from Music Academy Siena, with a repertoire of timeless songs from funk and dance.

The band includes:

  • Benedetta Giuggioli, voice
  • Edoardo Cerretani, keyboards
  • Nicola Facco, guitar
  • Gherardo Battini, guitar
  • Niccolò Galardi, bass
  • Giovanni Bellini, drums



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