Chiasso del Bargello

27 agosto - Chiasso del Bargello

A picture perfect frame of Piazza del Campo

A steep alley descends from Via di Città into Piazza del Campo providing you with one of the most beautiful shots of Siena: Chiasso del Bargello.

The archway leading to the steep descent contributes to making this corner of the city one of the most photographed by visitors. From this spot, the alley offers a wonderful angle of Palazzo Pubblico, with its chapel and Torre del Mangia tower.

A perfect shot, which takes in the whole tower from top to bottom.

The current appearance of the alley is due to work carried out in 1328 when the alley was widened at the behest of the General Council. He ordered it to be enlarged and straightened as it was the main link between the Terzo di San Martino area and the Cathedral.

The alley was originally called Vicolo Mcta Salaja, after the owner of the palace that bordered the alley: Mattasala dei Lambertini.

It didn’t get its current name until 1931, as part of a renaming initiative ordered by the Podestà Fabio Bargagli Petrucci.

The origin of the word Bargello is probably linked to the medieval police force, who were based here. In the Middle Ages, the ‘Bargello’ was the officer who captained the police force.

Today, Chiasso del Bargello is one of the best-known and most-photographed alleys in Siena. Its narrow walls perfectly frame the Torre del Mangia tower providing tourists with the perfect photo of their stay in Siena.


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