Hidden corners in Siena

angoli nascosti

The historic center of Siena is a place rich in history and culture, with numerous hidden treasures and details that can escape your sight if you are not paying attention.

It is not even possible to imagine how many unseen beauties and details are scattered throughout the city.

“It takes attention to notice the little things., have you ever thought about turning the corner of a dead end?“.

In Siena, it takes very little to come across something extraordinary, just turn a corner and fall in love!

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Below are the stops at the most extraordinary places but hidden from the less attentive!

  1. Secret Garden
  2. Alley of the Orbachs
  3. Via della Galluzza
  4. Alley of the Scotte
  5. Alley of the Goldsmiths


You can follow the route from wherever you are:



Secret Garden

Now that’s a place you don’t expect! A secret garden where green dominates, hidden by the stones of the city!

It is the perfect place for your next travel shot!


Secret Garden


Alley of the Orbachs

After photographing the famous Dama Ignuda on Via dei Rossi, you will notice that just nearby is a small alley. You are so close to the next hidden corner!

Cross the alley and you’ll find some really pretty sights, starting with the cheerful yellow and pink houses on your left.

And if you keep looking, further on you will find a beautiful garden hidden among the little houses of Siena. A small oasis of tranquility in the center of the city!


Alley of the Orbachs


Via della Galluzza

The challenge begins in one of Siena’s most unique alleys! Look upward, experiment with different shots, will you be able to take the perfect picture?


Via della Galluzza


Alley of the Scotte

A small hidden gem in Siena’s narrow streets is the alley of the Scotte.

A picturesque narrow and winding place, walk the whole alley and choose your favorite corner for an unforgettable photo!


Alley of the Scotte


Alley of the Goldsmiths

Look no further! You have just discovered the most picturesque alley in the city! This lovely place is the perfect location for a great photo. If you want to capture its unique charm, follow our directions: cross the alley to the end and choose the spot for your shot.


Alley of the Goldsmiths


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