How to prepare for the Via Francigena


Before starting any journey, it’s essential to prepare in the best possible way!

You must train, plan the route and make a list of essentials to put in your backpack. The amount of time to devote to preparation depends on the type of journey you intend to undertake. One of the most famous and most travelled routes is undoubtedly the Via Francigena.

Here you will find some useful tips on how best to tackle this ancient route from Canterbury to Rome.

  1. Plan your trip

It’s important to determine at what time of the year you will undertake the route. Autumn and winter aren’t the most suitable seasons as the cold and rain may make the walk difficult. On the other hand, spring and summer are perfect with the days getting longer and providing more hours of daylight to help you achieve your daily goal.

  1. Define a schedule and duration

Before setting out, you must decide which stops to reach, how many kilometres you are willing to travel per day, and most importantly, how long your walk will last.

  1. Train so you don’t arrive unprepared

Play it safe and take your time so you don’t arrive unprepared! An untrained body will struggle on this route. Determine how many miles to do per day and start training with commitment and dedication. Next, don’t forget the right shoes and start using them beforehand!

  1. Pack your backpack

Before you start your trip, you will need to get a light and roomy backpack that can hold the bare minimum. Everything you need from underwear to a first aid kit should not exceed 8 kg.

  1. Enjoy the journey!

Finally … don’t forget to enjoy the journey and bring the spirit of adventure with you to make this experience unforgettable

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