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Guided tours of the Good and Bad Government restoration site

A unique experience, available only for a limited period on the occasion of the restoration site of Lorenzetti’s famous fresco: from 8 November 2023 to 7 January 2024: you will have the opportunity to climb onto the scaffolding, positioned 3 meters from the ground, and look its famous characters in the eyes!

The visit, organized for small groups with a guided tour, presents itself as a unique and immersive opportunity, which will allow the visitor to observe the Lorenzetti frescoes from a privileged point of view in their varied wealth of details, invisible from below.

The Frescoes

In the Hall of the Nine, inside the Civic Museum, there are the Allegories and Effects of Good and Bad Government, created between 1337 and 1339 by the Sienese painter Ambrogio Lorenzetti. They represent the two forms of government, Democracy and Tyranny, and their opposing effects on the city, the countryside and the daily lives of people. Along the three walls of the room, where allegorical representations alternate with panoramic views of the city and the surrounding area, Giotto’s lesson and the great Sienese tradition blend harmoniously, giving shape to universally recognized ethical concepts that convey the message of Good Government still very relevant today.

Construction site restoration allegories of good and bad government - Siena

The visits

There are six daily visiting shifts from Monday to Sunday starting at the following times: 10.30 am; 11.15 am; 12 o’clock; 2.45 pm; 3.30 pm; 4.15pm. The guided tours will be in Italian with the exception of the visits at 10.30 am; 11.15 am; 12pm every Monday morning which will be reserved in English.

On 25 December 2023 the Civic Museum will be closed for a day and therefore visits will be suspended. On January 1, 2024 the Civic Museum will open to the public at 12. The afternoon visiting shifts at 2.45 pm will therefore be available; 3.30 pm; 4.15pm.

Each visit shift will be allowed to a maximum of nine people and will last approximately 30 minutes. It will take place with the accompaniment of an authorized tourist guide whose cost is included in the access ticket. Visits to the construction site without an escort will not be permitted. Unused tickets will not be refunded. In case of availability, due to failure to fill the time slot, entrance tickets can also be purchased at the ticket office of the Civic Museum on the same day of the visit.


Rates for guided tours: single full ticket of 15 euros plus entry to the Civic Museum of 6 euros, reduced ticket for residents of 15 euros (entry to the Civic Museum is free for residents of the Municipality of Siena).

Book your visit


You can book your visit by writing to the e-mail address ticket@comune.siena.itindicating the number of participants (specifying whether they are residents of the Municipality of Siena) , telephone number, day of the visit or by calling Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at 0577/292614-15.

Reservations made through the City of Siena’s Information Technology Services will be handled Monday through Friday from 9 to 1 p.m. and must be paid in advance according to the terms that will be communicated at the time of booking.



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