March 2023 Events

eventi di marzo

In March, Siena welcomes spring with a month of events!

If you’re planning a trip to Tuscany, there are many reasons why you should seriously consider visiting Siena in March.

To begin with, spring is a magical season and in Siena, it’s felt even more so. As temperatures begin to rise and nature awakens, this city becomes even more charming and full of life. The colours of the building facades will seem more vibrant, while the flower gardens are a riot of fragrance.

You will find a less crowded Siena for an even more pleasant and memorable walk through the sunny alleys and narrow streets leading to monuments and historic sites, symbols of a city that increasingly resembles an open-air museum.

But it’s not only the colours and fragrances that make spring in Siena so special. This season also brings with it a series of events that will bring the old town to life

Activities and experiences for all tastes are planned from 21 to 26 March.

Let’s take a closer look.

Scheduled from 21 to 26 March is ‘CioccoSi, the great festival of handmade chocolate’ in Piazza del Campo, while on 24 and 25 March the event ‘Figuriamoci Siena – il fantino’, organized by the publishing house Il Leccio, will be held in the Courtyard of the Podestà. This event features the collectable sticker album of the Palio and the city of Siena, which will return to news stands and bookshops in Siena with its fifth edition.

On 25 and 26 March, the Exhibition of collectable second-hand vinyl, CDs and DVDs from Siena will be held under the Tartarugone in Piazza Mercato, organized by the cultural association Ganzo! Eventi Culturali.

Until 16 March, the photography exhibition ‘Vivian Maier, The Self-Portrait and its Double’ continues at the Santa Maria della Scala museum complex. The exhibition consists of 93 self-portraits tracing the work of the famous nanny-photographer who, through a Rolleiflex camera and later also with a Leica, transported visitors through the streets of New York and Chicago.

On 17 24 and30 March, the Chigiana Music Academy’s ‘Micat in Vertice’ concert program continues. On 17 March, Sol Gabetta (cello) and Bertrand Chamayou (piano) will perform at the Rinnovati Theatre at 9:00 pm.

On March 24, the Hagen Quartet with Lukas Hagen (violin), Rainer Schmidt (violin), Veronika Hagen (viola), Clemens Hagen (cello) will be on stage at the Rozzi Theatre at 9:00 pm.

On March 30, the event ‘Gioachino Rossini Stabat Mater for solos, choir and orchestra’ will be held at Siena Cathedral from 9:00 pm.

It’s not all about music as there will also be the ‘Teatri di Siena’ theatre season. On stage, moving stories speak of the present, but also look to the future. For information about the shows see the dedicated website:

On March 14, on the occasion of Landscape Day, there will be a guided tour at the Pinacoteca Nazionale art gallery entitled ‘The Renaissance Landscape in Siena between Window on the World and Inner Vision’ held by director Axel Hémery, which will give visitors the opportunity to see the new Beccafumi painting acquired.

In addition, ‘Relazioni d’arte’ (Art Relations) lectures will continue on 16 March, 13 April and 18 May. The schedule can be found at this link:


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