Palazzo Chigi Zondadari

26 agosto - palazzo chigi

Palazzo Chigi Zondadari is located in the heart of Siena, in the picturesque Piazza del Campo.

Built in 1724, it’s the result of the reconstruction of several pre-existing 14th and 16th-century buildings that belonged to the merchant and artisan families of the Mezolombardi and Rinaldini. In the 16th century, the palace passed from the Rinaldini to the Cennini family and then to the Chigi at the end of the 17th century.

The construction of the palace was entrusted to the Roman architect Antonio Valeri (1648-1736), the last pupil of Gian Lorenzo Bernini. Valeri created a structure with a linear character typical of 18th-century Roman architecture, with an interior characterised by large halls and frescoed ceilings. The architectural renovation of the Palace in the 18th century involved renowned painters such as Placido Costanzi, Marco Benefial and Giovacchino Faluschi to decorate the interior. To reach the palace, just take a stroll through the main streets of the centre, a journey through the city’s history that takes you back to the Middle Ages when Siena reached its peak becoming a leading European city.

The Palazzo Chigi Zondadari House Museum opened to the public in May 2022, as a way of returning the palace and the works inside to the Sienese community. The House Museum also houses contemporary works by young artists to establish a lasting relationship between the present and the past, guiding the visitor towards a new way of experiencing and learning about art.

HOUSE MUSEUM OPEN TO THE PUBLIC: from 8 May to 29 October 2022


from 20 June to 29 October 2022: Tuesday to Saturday, 10:00 am to 1:00 pm, by appointment only by booking a guided tour Groups maximum 15 persons. Special afternoon openings or private visits can be arranged on request.

ENTRY: free donation

PLANNED CLOSURES: From 28 to 31 July 2022 and from 13 to 16 August, for the Palio di Siena

ADDRESS: Banchi di Sotto 46 (accessed from Vicolo dei Pollaioli 1), Siena




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