Palazzo Sansedoni

10 agosto - palazzo sansedoni

With a dominant position on Piazza del Campo, Palazzo Sansedoni is one of the greatest examples of 14th-century architecture.

It’s currently the headquarters of the Monte dei Paschi di Siena Foundation. It was founded by a noble Sienese family, who commissioned its construction. The best-known character of this family was Beatus Ambrogio Sansedoni, who played an important role in the social and political context of 13th-century Siena.

He was so prominent that the city of Siena placed a bust of him on the facade of the Cathedral in his memory and organised a Palio in his name until the mid-16th century.

He was also the subject of the 2 July 1986 prize banner painted by Carlo Cerasoli. Of all the buildings that overlook Piazza del Campo, Palazzo Sansedoni stands out for the graceful way in which it follows the curve of the square and its unique rhombus-shaped tower.

Over the years, its architectural structure underwent several restorations. The first construction dates back to the mid-13th century and its function must have been that of a tower house. The structure of the palace continued to be extended until its most recent remodelling in the 18th century.

The interior of the palace features very striking frescoes. These are 18th-century decorations by Francesco and Giuseppe Melani and Gian Domenico Ferretti; Anton Domenico Gabbiani is responsible for the decoration of the ceiling of the private chapel dedicated to the memory of Beato Ambrogio Sansedoni (1220-1286).

The chapel was requested and commissioned by Rutilio Sansedoni and is one of the grandest examples of Baroque art in Siena.


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