Siena Awards Photo Festival

Siena Awards

Visual arts festival returns to Siena, Sovicille and Chiusdino from Sept. 30 to Nov. 19

A fantastic new edition of the international photography festival and this year will fully embrace the surrounding area. L’ abbey of San Galgano will in fact be the evocative stage for the collective of the Drone Photo Awards.

The Siena Awards, draws to Siena internationally renowned talents of photography.

From Sept. 30 to Nov. 19, the program offers a rich series of exhibitions and meetings that reinforce the festival as a fall event of global significance, with confirmations and new arrivals.

The 2023 edition features William Albert Allard, celebrated with a retrospective devoted to his 50-year contribution to National Geographic, and Brian Skerry, experienced photojournalist and film producer specializing in the exploration of marine life and underwater ecosystems. They will be joined by the Siena Awards collectives, an annual tradition celebrating the three photography awards, with images and videos from every corner of the globe: “Siena International Photo Awards,” “Creative Photo Awards” e “Drone Photo Awards.” the latter set in an exceptional location : the Abbey of San Galgano.

With a well-established formula that expands beyond the city limits, the visual arts festival also aims to enliven the town of Sovicille and, for the first time, will reach Chiusdino.

The two major players of 2023. The retrospective of William Albert Allard, a pioneer of color photography, bears the title “Five Decades, A Retrospective“, narrating half a century of contributions to National Geographic as a writer and photographer, always looking for “what happens at the margins,” combining beauty, mystery and an adventurous spirit. While the exhibition of Brian Skerry, “The Sensible Sea, tells a visual story through images collected during years of exploration in the oceans, places of extraordinary beauty and profound enigma, but also of challenges and hopes. Since 1998, Skerry has been a photographer for National Geographic Magazine, documenting stories in every corner of the planet and in almost every ocean habitat.

The Pass Ticket for all exhibitions of the Siena Awards Photo Festival 2023 includes:

  • Five decades: solo exhibition of William Albert Allard – Sovicille, “La Tinaia”

  • The sentient sea: solo exhibition of Brian Skerry- Siena, Accademia dei Fisiocritici

  • People Sharing all the world: group exhibition of the “Siena International Photo Awards”- Siena, former distilleries “lo Stellino”

  • Who knows if I can: group exhibitions from “Creative Photo Awards”- Siena, Magazzini del Sale

  • Ameriguns: solo exhibition of Gabriele Galimberti- Siena, Accademia dei Rozzi

  • Chiusdino Creative: open-air exhibition on the walls of the medieval village of Chiusdino

  • Above us only Sky: the most beautiful images of the “Drone Photo Awards”- Chiusdino, Abbey of S. Galgano

  • Sovicille Creative: outdoor exhibition in the charming alleys of Sovicille

  • Spirits of the Forest: Ekaterina Starovoytova- Siena, Camollia Green Area 85

For information and updates on the Siena Awards, you can visit and follow the social channels on Facebook, sienawards; Instagram, @sienawards; Twitter, Siena Awards; and YouTube, Siena Awards.



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