Siena by bike

Siena in bicicletta

Welcome in Siena:

To do cycling tourism in our historic center follow some simple rules:

  • you can cycle through the old town from north to south or vice versa only by carefully following the road signs and the route indicated on the maps below;
  • you can reach all the other places in the old town by getting off the bike and pushing it by hand;
  • it is absolutely forbidden to ride in Piazza del Campo;
  • never place your bike on the monuments (including the columns in Piazza del Campo) but use the appropriate racks.


Thank you for your cooperation.

The historic center of Siena is a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1995. Help us preserve it for future generations.

Below are the places where you can find racks to leave your bikes:

Close to the historic centre

Fortezza Medicea

Piazza Gramsci

San Domenico


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