Siena Green: three days of events on Carbon Neutrality


Siena also became a protagonist in the field of sustainability at the large summer festival ViviFortezza 2022 , which takes place every year in the Medici Fortress.

From July 21 to 23, the Fortress hosted the second edition of ConversAzioni Carbon Neutral (Carbon Neutral Conversations/Actions), three days to celebrate carbon neutrality in the territory of Siena. The vent explored everything related to the environmental and social sustainability of an area to make it carbon-neutral. The event was organized by Alleanza Territoriale Carbon Neutrality- Siena in collaboration with the Vivi Fortezza project of the Propositivo (Pro+) Association.

Debates, events, workshops and different thematic areas were set up from science and technology to education, culture and music, to talk about sustainability and innovation. ConversAzioni was born in 2021 to celebrate the first ten years of carbon neutrality in the Sienese territory. This event links the advancement of the challenges in environmental sustainability to ones in art.The event also boosts the territory through a co-participative model that promotes the initiatives, projects and skills already present in the Sienese territory.

The aim of the event is to create a positive debate around environmental issues, conscious consumption and disposal to raise new generations with a more careful and critical eye on the environment, but at the same time with an innovative and engaging spirit.


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ConversAzioni Carbon Neutral
Between debates and concerts, everything is ready for ConversAzioni Carbon Neutral 2022

From 21 to 23 July, the second edition of ConversAzioni Carbon Neutral

Conversazioni carbon neutral

Second edition of ConversAzioni Carbon Neutral!

Between debates and concerts, everything is ready for ConversAzioni Carbon Neutral 2022


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