Siena’s Christmas is getting greener


Christmas in Siena goes green thanks to the City of Siena’s collaboration with the ITS Energia e Ambiente Foundation of Colle Val d’Elsa, which came up with sustainable solutions for Christmas lighting in the old town.

In addition to the institute’s technical staff, a group of students majoring in energy and environment also took part in the project.

As an additional incentive for a sustainable and environmentally friendly Christmas, about 600 plants have been purchased that will be entrusted to businesses in the old town to form small green areas that decorate the streets starting in the heart of the city. With sustainability in mind, Nandina, Arbutus, Laurel, Holm Oak, Photinia and Eleagnus were chosen as they are shrubs with a special environmental restorative capacity to absorb CO2 and produce oxygen.

These plants in the future can be used for some municipal hedges and flower beds and to create a special forest area under the Sustainability and Environment Maintenance Department.

Christmas in Siena also includes an installation powered in part with energy produced by pedalling on a bike. This is a way to raise awareness of energy conservation and issues related to its immediate availability. Finally, the electric train that runs through Siena’s old town every year is ready to entertain children and tourists in a strictly eco-friendly way.

Energy Saving Goal: The City of Siena chooses not to illuminate monuments
The Municipality of Siena takes another step toward energy conservation. On the recommendation of the council, the city administration has chosen not to proceed with lighting the city monuments for Christmas 2022, while guaranteeing support for prevention and research or public celebrations. Other approaches to highlight the institutions will be explored.

There would have been several initiatives planned, especially in November, that included lighting up some of the city’s monuments such as the Chapel in Piazza del Campo or Fonte Gaia fountain to raise awareness of research and remind people of how important prevention is, or to celebrate special dates.

Mayor Luigi de Mossi justified the decision by choosing to remain consistent with the policy the city administration is pursuing, both from the standpoint of energy saving and supporting families and businesses to cope with high utility bills. (

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