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22 sett - specialità senesi

Siena is a city that has much to offer in terms of food and wine. In this land of excellent wines and delicious meats, all specialities share an essential ingredient: authenticity

Legumes, fresh pasta, meats that are transformed into expertly crafted dishes.

But let’s begin with the starters.

On the Sienese table, there is certainly no shortage of cured meats and cheeses such as capocollo, lardo and lonza, pancetta, Pienza pecorino cheese, and finocchiona, a special variety of Cinta Senese salami. These are always accompanied by homemade bread, crostini with liver (a treat for the palate) and seasonal jams to go with the cheeses.

Among the first courses we must mention pici, a type of fresh handmade pasta similar to spaghetti, but much thicker.

It’s common to find them on menus topped with wild boar ragout, pici pasta with garlic or simply cacio cheese and pepper. Finally, we must mention ‘gnudi’, a dish made with ricotta cheese, spinach, parmesan cheese and other spices with a simple, unique and delicate flavour.

Also worth trying is pappa al pomodoro, a peasant dish prepared with stale bread peeled tomatoes, basil, garlic and plenty of extra virgin olive oil. And let’s not forget the ribollita stew. The locals recommend enjoying it the next day, after it has been warmed up, to fully experience the exceptional flavour of this recipe.

Let’s move on to the main course. The saying ‘in Siena you eat the good fat’ is so true! Try delicious stuffed pigeon and beef tagliata served with succulent roasted potatoes, or Cinta Senese tagliata and wild boar meat.

All washed down by an excellent Chianti wine.

We finish our culinary journey with desserts following traditional recipes, which round off all family meals, such as Pan co’ Santi (walnut and raisin bread), ricciarelli and cantuccini biscuits to be enjoyed dipped in an excellent Vin Santo wine.


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