Spring 2024 in Siena- all the events


Let’s go find out everything you can do in Siena during spring

During springtime, Siena wakes up and visiting it is an immense pleasure. Its medievals alleys and its historic squares are full of bright colours, while gardens are brightened by flowers. Siena during springtime will offer a vibrant combination of cultural traditions and nature, through cultural events, fairs and outdoor markets. Spring is, without a doubt, the best time of the year to come visit Siena

Here there are all spring events in Siena:


At the Santa Maria della Scala Museum, it’s possible to visit three exhibitions, during the whole month of February:
The exibition “Fausto Melotti. In leggerezza. Un omaggio a Italo Calvino”, in honor to the friendship between the writer and the artist, will be open until April 7th 2024 at the 6th level of the museum complex. The exhibition itinerary winds through 22 sculptures of various sizes and many drawings, spanning a period from 1935 to 1985. The exhibition in particular refers to the works that became images of Calvino’s books due to the re-edition of his writings in the Oscar Mondadori series, which took place in the 2000s.

The conclusion on April 1stof the exibition“GIUSEPPE GAVAZZI. Una perfetta coincidenza” , curated by Mauro Civai, Andrea Sbardellati, Enrico Toti, at the location Magazzini della Corticella del Santa Maria della Scala. The exibition includes complete series of terracotta and wood scupltures which narrate the 50 years of his brillant carrer. The works predominantly represent the human figure, captured in its daily spontaneous attitudes. The evocative Corticella spaces won’t be empty for long, in fact, from April 12th, there will be held a new exibition.Aleandro Paolucci. from 1927 to 2013 – “Between Pienza, Siena and Roma on the trail of Pius II”.

An exibition definitely not to be missed isIn Campo la Balzana, about the Corteo Storico of the Palio of Siena through the monture comunali, the traditional Palio’s Renassance historical clothing. The exibition will be held in the evocative location of Magazzini del Sale,inside the Palazzo Pubblico, from March 2nd to March 5th 2024.
The exposition narrates the Palio di Siena’s Corteo Storico through the centuries. The museum itinerary has an initial temporal tour, from the late 15th century origins of the parade to the 19th century. The main focus of the exibition will be the municipal costumes used from 1904 to the present day, currently publicly unvisible to the public and only recently inventoried.


The concert season of the Chigiana Music Academy, Micat in Vertice, continues.
The first spring concert in Siena will be held on March 22nd, with Uto Ughi on stage at the Teatro dei Rozzi. The appointments with great music are not finished, the concerts continue from March until May.

Discover all the concerts at www.chigiana.org!



On March 23rd and 24th, don’t miss the exhibition of records, CDs and DVDs – used collectibles in Siena!
Piazza del Mercato will host a market exhibition for 2 days that will take you back in time!

From 10 to 14 April, however, it is the time for those greedy for sweets: in Piazza del Campo will arrive Ciocosì a great festival of artisanal chocolate. A market exhibition completely dedicated to chocolate with cooking shows and chocolate lessons for everyone of any age!

From 10th to 12th May there will be Siena in Fiore, a market plant and flowers exhibition that takes place every year in the Fontana of San Prospero’s Gardens, along the walls of the Medici Fortress.

In conclusion, every third Sunday of the month, don’t forget the date in Piazza del Mercato with the Collector’s Corner, an antiques and modern antiques collectibles market. Therefore an ideal event for lovers of vintage objects and clothes.


On May 26th it will be held Legend’s turn on the streets of legend! This is an event for all motor enthusiasts who can’t miss the thirty historic and sports cars crossing from Piazza del Campo!



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