Steps of Via di Val di Montone

13 sett - Scalinata

Before arriving at Porta Romana, one of the oldest gates in the city walls of Siena, the steps of Via Val di Montone begin from the small square near the church of San Leonardo.

We are in the territory of Montone or by extension Val di Montone, the oldest district in Terzo di San Martino area. The Contrada stands in the area surrounding the Basilica dei Servi, in a territory defined by the Notice of Violante of Bavaria, Governor of Siena.

Near the Basilica dei Servi, we have the Contrada Museum of Valdimontone, a project of architect Giovanni Michelucci. This project was completed by Architect Bruno Sacchi, a close collaborator of Michelucci who died in 1990. Then, the museum was opened in 1997.

On the other side, we find the Santa Clara Lab of the University of Siena, an interdisciplinary innovation centre and a space for dialogue, reception and cross-training.

Simply walk down the steps of Via di Val di Montone to find yourself immersed between the past and the future, between tradition and innovation.


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