Teatro dei Rozzi

teatro rozzi

A small, charming theatre that has hosted performances and concerts in Siena for centuries.

Beyond the monuments that have made it world-famous, if you look closely you will discover Siena’s secret treasures. For instance, the Teatro dei Rozzi theatre emerged about a century after the Academy of the same name to provide space for the artists who had established themselves there.

The Accademia dei Rozzi used a small stage in the Opera Metropolitana for their activities, before deciding to build their own theatre in 1807 and entrusted the construction project to the architect Alessandro Doveri. However, the project was not well received, as it would have entailed major modifications to the academy’s halls. The Rozzi then decided to buy some buildings next to the Academy, located in Piazza S. Pellegrino, today’s Piazza Indipendenza.

Using a different design, Doveri started building the new theatre in 1815.

In the spring of 1817, the new theatre was inaugurated with a grand ballroom party for Academy members. Four days later, the theatre was opened to the public with the semi-serious libretto ‘L’Agnese di Fitzenry’ by Ferdinando Paer. Throughout the century, the theatre hosted the greatest national travelling companies, becoming a true temple of Italian prose, until history came to desecrate it with its misfortunes.

In 1945, the Teatro dei Rozzi was declared unfit for use due to damage during World War II. After undergoing full restoration, it was reopened to the public only in 1998. Today the theatre, with a capacity of 499 seats, three tiers of boxes and an open balcony, retains its retro charm.

The theatre is open for performances or concerts.

Where: Piazza Indipendenza, 15, 53100 Siena SI
When: Open for shows
Tel: 0577 46960
Tickets: biglietteria.rozzi@comune.siena.it


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