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The poetic combination of gentle slopes, sun-drenched vineyards and rows of cypress trees is complemented by the superb artistic heritage of the territory of Siena the surrounding its valleys. The area boasts no less than four UNESCO sites (Siena, San Gimignano, Val d’Orcia, Pienza), on top of countless charming villages, medieval abbeys and ancient strongholds. Contemporary art is also booming, especially in Val d’Elsa. Chianti, the stretch of land between Florence and Siena, is a meeting place of poetry and nature. A small enchanted world where white roads cross green hills and lead to the discovery of villages, fairytale castles and solitary abbeys surrounded by vineyards

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Events in Siena in July 2024


Discover everything there is to do in Siena in July

If you’re planning a trip to Siena in July, you’ve chosen the perfect time to fully immerse yourself in the city’s unique atmosphere!
July offers a rich variety of cultural events, performances, and festivals that will make your stay in Siena even more memorable.
And don’t forget, July is when the Palio dedicated to the Madonna of Provenzano takes place, making the festive atmosphere in the city truly exceptional! Discover what Siena has to offer in July and get ready for an unforgettable experience!

Here are the events in July in Siena:


The Palio of Siena is not just an event but a tradition deeply rooted in the heart of the city and its inhabitants. Those visiting Siena in July are fortunate enough to witness this unique spectacle, where history, passion, and devotion intertwine. Tourists in Siena during this period have the chance to experience the magical atmosphere of the Palio, engaging in an authentic and captivating experience. It is essential, however, to always respect the traditions and deep sentiments associated with the Palio of Siena.
Discover all the useful information about the Palio on July 2nd.


“Passions in the Field” by Giovanni Gasparro. Gasparro is one of the leading contemporary artists and has been selected as the painter of the Drappellone for the Palio on July 2nd, 2024, dedicated to the Madonna of Provenzano. On this occasion, the Municipality of Siena has curated an exhibition on the versatile art of the Bari-born painter to highlight its profound content. The exhibition, running until July 7th, spans three locations: the main site at the Magazzini del Sale (Palazzo Pubblico), Palazzo Sansedoni, and the Collegiata di Santa Maria in Provenzano.


Throughout the summer, the series “Sboccia l’estate” (Summer Blossoms) of the Theaters of Siena, curated by artistic director Vincenzo Bocciarelli, offers unmissable events. Drama, dance, music, and theatrical improvisations will take place in Siena’s most enchanting locations, featuring nationally and internationally renowned artists alongside local theater companies. All performances are free of charge! In July, there are three performances scheduled:

  • July 22nd – Piazza del Campo – 10:00 PM
    Russell Crowe & The Gentlemen Barbers in concert
  • July 30th – Fonti di Pescaia – 9:15 PM
    Il poeta e la principessa (with Francesco Burroni)
  • July 31st – Fonti di Pescaia – 9:15 PM
    Cara Anna Magnani (with Caterina Costantini)

Discover the full program of  “Sboccia l’estate” (Summer Blossoms) of the Theaters of Siena!


The concert season of the Accademia Musicale Chigiana continues with the Chigiana Spring Festival, running until July 31st. Discover all the concerts at www.chigiana.org!


Throughout July, visitors can participate in exclusive guided tours of Ambrogio Lorenzetti’s fresco cycle “The Allegory and Effects of Good and Bad Government” at the Palazzo Pubblico. This initiative allows participants to explore the restoration site, offering an unparalleled experience and a unique opportunity to closely admire these works of art. For more information and to book your visit, click here.


Summer in Siena, during the months of July and August, offers a nighttime shopping experience. Every Thursday, shops will remain open until midnight, allowing tourists and residents to shop in a unique evening atmosphere. It starts on Thursday, July 4th, and continues on the 11th, 18th, and 25th of July.

Discover Siena in a different way with the initiative “Siena Shop and Stroll.”


Prepare for a journey through time and art at the Cathedral of Siena, where the marble-inlaid floor will be exceptionally visible to the public from June 27th to July 31st and from August 18th to October 16th, 2024. This exceptional masterpiece, the result of five hundred years of artistic craftsmanship, offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in beauty and profound human values.

Learn more about the exceptional floor reveal at the Cathedral of Siena.


Siena hosts the fantastic summer festival VIVIFORTEZZA! The Fortezza Medicea transforms into a vibrant center of events with performances, concerts, cultural encounters, and aperitifs. Don’t miss this exciting summer event! Every day offers a different event!
July program coming soon!!!


Every third Sunday of the month, don’t forget the appointment in Piazza del Mercato with “L’Angolo del Collezionista“, an antique, modern, and collectibles market. It’s the perfect event for vintage object and clothing enthusiasts.

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Geometries and textures

The architecture of the historic center of Siena is undoubtedly something extraordinary: starting with the splendid Piazza del Campo with

scultura orto dei Pecci

Something different

Beautiful, beautiful Siena. Surely in your collection of travel shots you have captured extraordinary places; it is easy to find

visionari di Emanuele Giannelli

VISIONARIES by Emanuele Giannelli

The famous artist’s impressive sculptures arrive in Siena From April 7 to June 16, 2023, the city of Siena becomes

cioco si


The great artisan chocolate festival returns The great artisan chocolate exhibition-market returns to Siena. From March 21 to 26, Piazza

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Siena in scatti

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Bastione Sound Filippo

From 16 December to 7 January 2023, the San Filippo Bastion of Siena’s Medici Fortress will come alive with a

Wildlife in Siena: useful tips

Siena and its province are densely populated with wildlife. Driving on the suburban and urban roads of the province, it’s

Siena Sustainability Capital

Siena becomes Italy’s Sustainability Capital by hosting the first leg of #InsiemepergliSDG2022, a campaign to raise awareness of sustainability issues

Siena is a bee-friendly municipality

From 3 November 2021, Siena will join the ‘Comuni Amici delle Api’, a bee-friendly initiative which was created as part

Olives in the land of Siena

The journey from tree to mill. A favourable climate, fertile soils and skilled hands make Tuscan extra virgin olive oil

Siena’s oil

The green gold of the Sienese hills. Olive growing in the extra virgin olive oil production area of Terre di

Urban Trekking

A new tourism trend. The National Urban Trekking Day has become a fixed event on Siena’s calendar every year. On

Village of Murlo

The blood of the Etruscans endures to the present day. The town of Murlo, surrounded by beautiful walls made of

Sienese Wines

The heritage of Sienese wines is known worldwide. A glass of red is a must on every Tuscan table. If


Discovering one of the oldest symbols of Tuscan hospitality. Vinsanto is a sweet and precious wine because its preparation requires

Via Lauretana

A spiritual route that runs through Siena and has led to Loreto for centuries… Via Lauretana traces an Etruscan-Roman route


The heart of the Crete Senesi Asciano is a village nestled in the famous Crete Senesi area which has been

Sienese ribollita

The traditional peasant dish Sienese ribollita originally began as a poor man’s dish. A bread-based stew packed with ingredients and

Pan co’ Santi

The bread that smells like autumn As soon as autumn begins, walking through the alleys of Siena’s old town, you

Black crostini

Traditional Sienese appetizer Crostini are almost always served at the beginning of a typical Sienese lunch or dinner. Delicious slices

Market in Piazza del Campo

The arts, crafts and delicacies of Siena’s ‘grand market’ have enlivened Piazza del Campo since the Middle Ages. As per

Handicrafts in Siena

Art cities like Siena tell their story primarily through their historical and artistic masterpieces, but a city is a living

Historic workshops

Witness the history of Siena Siena is one of the best-known examples of a medieval village for its exceptional Piazza

The Masgalano

Coveted prize won by the most elegant performers in both historical parades. On the day of the Palio di Siena,

The winner’s Drappellone

The prize for the triumphant Contrada in Piazza del Campo in Siena The Drappellone, also called ‘Palio’ or ‘Cencio’ by

Via Francigena urban route

Historically, when we speak of Via Francigena or Vie Francigene, we mean a group of roads that in medieval times

Sienese cured meats

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Sienese specialities

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Located in the World Map Room of Siena’s Palazzo Pubblico, Guidoriccio pictorially celebrates the siege and conquest of the Castle

Sienese reds

Along churches and palaces, you will find some of the world’s most famous red wines in Siena… A territory of

Typical Sienese sweets

Discovering traditional Sienese confectionery Walking the streets of Siena, there is no shortage of temptations. At pastry shops and bakeries

Views from Loggia dei Nove

Loggia dei Nove is one of the most amazing viewpoints in the city of Siena! Hidden within the walls of

Inside Siena Cathedral

The Cathedral of Siena is one of the most outstanding examples of an Italian Romanesque-Gothic cathedral. It’s one of the

Piazza del Campo

Symbol of the city of Siena Beautiful, stunning Piazza del Campo! It’s the universal symbol of Siena with its distinctive

Steps of Via di Val di Montone

Before arriving at Porta Romana, one of the oldest gates in the city walls of Siena, the steps of Via

The green valleys

In Siena’s old town, nature and the city intertwine in unexpected ways… Not only pietra serena stone, alleys, and walls,

The Walls of Siena

Like an embrace, for centuries the walls of Siena have encircled and protected the city… A testament to the city’s

Vicolo di Finimondo

The Sienese alley where the world ends On the square in front of the Church of the Holy Spirit, on

Underground Siena

The tale of the city from its origins to the Middle Ages The Underground Siena tour takes place within Santa

Fontanine di Contrada

In Siena every citizen is baptized twice: in the church and then in the contrada to which they belong… with

The Corso in the evening

Siena in the evening after sunset is imbued with a magical atmosphere! The last lights caressing the alleys and historic

The Hall of Count Chigi

The precious hall of the historic Palazzo Chigi-Saracini in Siena Palazzo Chigi Saracini is a place that embodies music, art

Via Duprè

007 film set Via Duprè is located in the area of Terzo di Città where it crosses the Contrada dell’Onda

The chapel in Piazza del Campo

In Piazza del Campo, which is the centre of political power in Siena, there’s also a corner of faith and

The Sator

A mystery waiting to be solved hidden among the stones of Siena Cathedral If you like to solve mysteries… Siena

Palazzo senza Scale

Sometimes behind the most unassuming door, we find an unexpected world. This is what we find in Palazzo Vestri, in

Rocca Salimbeni

A treasure that can be explored only 3 times a year The Salimbeni were a Sienese family of great political

Via del Poggio

The ancient shortcut to Siena Cathedral Go up Via di Monna Agnese, Via delle Campane and meet Via del Poggio,

View from the Orti de’ Tolomei

A romantic walk amidst greenery in the historic centre of Siena. A few steps away from the architectural complex of

Castellare degli Ugurgieri

Castellare degli Ugurgieri is a fortress-house located in the historic centre of Siena between Via San Vigilio and Via Angiolieri.

University of Siena

Sienese example of research and innovation The University of Siena is one of the oldest universities in the world. A

Chiasso del Bargello

A picture perfect frame of Piazza del Campo A steep alley descends from Via di Città into Piazza del Campo

Palazzo Chigi Zondadari

Palazzo Chigi Zondadari is located in the heart of Siena, in the picturesque Piazza del Campo. Built in 1724, it’s

Pilgrim’s Hall

A majestic cycle of 15th-century frescoes in the ancient hospital of Siena In the frescoes of Pilgrim’s Hall (Sala del

State Archive

It safeguards the historical documents of Siena’s public bodies. The State Archive of Siena is located in Via Banchi di

Fonte del Casato

The secret spring among the houses of Siena. Along via del Casato di Sotto, just a few steps from Piazza

Logge della Mercanzia

Behind Piazza del Campo, a beautiful loggia marks the transition between the Middle Ages and the Sienese Renaissance… Just behind

Basilica dei Servi

A place of history and sacred art in the historic centre of Siena. The full name of the basilica is

The Basilica of San Francesco

An imposing church that has undergone many transformations over time. The Basilica di San Francesco is located in Piazza San

Piccolomini Library

Raphael’s ideas and Pinturicchio’s frescoes inside Siena Cathedral. The Piccolomini Library is a monumental room inside Siena Cathedral. Located along

Palazzo Pubblico in Siena

A symbol of the political power of the city of Siena for 700 years. Palazzo Pubblico in Siena (also known

Pinacoteca Nazionale in Siena

The world’s most significant collection of the 14th and 15th-century Sienese masters. The Pinacoteca Nazionale art gallery in Siena is

Victory flag-waving

The final act of the historical procession of the Palio di Siena. The victory flag-waving is the final act of

The Contrade of Siena

A social place and symbol of belonging for the Sienese. The term ‘contrada’ appears in Sienese sources as early as

Collegiate of Provenzano

Four hundred years of faith and history in the centre of Siena. Places of faith are notoriously linked to the

Torre del Mangia

Symbol of Siena The Torre del Mangia is one of the most famous towers in Tuscany, symbol and pride of

Palazzo Sansedoni

With a dominant position on Piazza del Campo, Palazzo Sansedoni is one of the greatest examples of 14th-century architecture. It’s

Santa Maria della Scala in Siena

From ancient hospital to important Sienese museum. Santa Maria della Scala is a monumental complex located in the heart of

The Cathedral floor

One of Siena’s most beautiful wonders, uncovered from after the August Palio to autumn. Inside the cathedral unparalleled great works

Cathedral crypt

Discovered by chance recently, it houses splendid paintings by the greatest exponents of the Sienese school. The crypt of Siena

The relics of Constantinople

Inside Santa Maria della Scala there is a golden treasure from the Orient… On 24th April 1359 Friar Andrea di

Courtyard of the Podestà

One of the most picturesque places in Siena. The imposing Palazzo Pubblico stands on Piazza del Campo and inside it

Logge del Papa

A monumental loggia, symbol of the papal power of Pius II The Logge del Papa (Lodges of the Pope) with

Church of San Giorgio

The Battle of Montaperti had and still has many traces throughout the city of Siena. To give thanks for the

La Madonna del Corvo

One of the most famous and legendary tabernacles in Siena. Strolling through the historic centre of Siena, keeping your eyes

Vicolo degli orefici

A charming alleyway that preserves the echo of an ancient art and perhaps also the Via Francigena… and a chilling

Via di Città

One of the most beautiful central roads in Siena. Via di Città follows on from the Corso, slightly uphill. It’s

Fonte Gaia

The jewel of Piazza del Campo in Siena At the top of Piazza del Campo is the city’s most important

Botanical Gardens

A green valley within the walls of the city of Siena. The gardens are located near Porta Tufi and are

Torre Marescotti

Just like San Gimignano, tall towers once watched over Siena… Dominance, prestige, power. Towers have always been a symbol of

Chapel and Madonna of the Vow

The Sienese devotion to the Madonna has a long and fascinating history… You may be surprised to learn that in

Risorgimento Hall

A room in Siena’s Palazzo Pubblico commemorates the first king of unified Italy. Although Siena is a city with strong

The Biccherne Museum in Siena

True works of art that held the financial records of the Sienese republic. The term ‘Biccherna‘ originates from the name

View from Camporegio

Siena’s most incredible viewpoint Via Camporegio offers the most spectacular views of the city. Below the Basilica of San Domenico,

Civic Museum of Siena

Inside the Palazzo Pubblico a space to admire the wonders of art. Housed on the first floor of the Palazzo

The Campanone

“A bronze sound drops from the tower: the parade continues amid drums beating to the glory of the Contrade… and

Vicolo delle Carrozze

One of the most unique alleys in Siena. There’s a place in Siena that was banned from the public for

The ancient underground aqueducts

The ancient aqueduct is a labyrinth of canals dug under the city of Siena. The term ‘buctinus’ probably refers to


The most beautiful lookout in Siena. On 23 August 1339, the Great General Council of the Campana officially sanctioned the

Via del Refe Nero

Siena, a city where the Middle ages live on… Severed heads, devils, cages hanging from the walls of buildings… no,

Teatro dei Rozzi

A small, charming theatre that has hosted performances and concerts in Siena for centuries. Beyond the monuments that have made

Accademia dei Rozzi

One of the historic Sienese academies that has been promoting theatre, music and culture in Siena since the 16th century.


Jewish worship centre in the heart of Siena The Synagogue is a splendid example of neoclassical architecture that was founded

Biblioteca Comunale degli Intronati

One of the oldest cultural institutions in the city of Siena. The Historical Room of the Biblioteca Comunale degl Intronati

The Gate of Heaven

Exploring the ‘roof’ of Siena Cathedral. The Gate of Heaven opens to visitors as if they were ascending the ladder

Cinta Senese pigs

A wonderful product of ancient origin. Cinta Senese is a hardy breed of pig, which was probably already bred in

Sienese ceramics

An ancient Sienese tradition handed down from generation to generation. While strolling around Siena, passing by Via di Città, don’t

Teatro dei Rinnovati

Over seven centuries of history linked to Siena and the Sienese Built in 1343, today’s Teatro dei Rinnovati theatre was

Magazzini del Sale

A unique space hidden in the basement of the Palazzo Pubblico. Inside Siena’s Palazzo Pubblico is an extraordinary exhibition space

Palazzo delle Papesse

A palace of papal lineage that today houses the Centre for Contemporary Art in Siena. Along Via di Città, a

The Cathedral’s facade

Two artists at work to complete the great Sienese project. Siena Cathedral’s facade is in white marble with the red

Magione Church

Templar mysteries and secrets in one of the oldest churches in Siena. The ‘Poor Fellow-at-Arms of Christ and the Temple


Discover the mythical place where the city of Siena was founded according to tradition. There are many legends circulating about

History of the Palio

This is how the famous Sienese tradition originated The word palio derives from the Latin ‘pallium’ meaning drape. In the

Contrada museums

History and traditions of the people of Siena. The city of Siena is historically divided into 17 contrade (neighbourhoods), which

Contrada stables

The stable is a sacred place where the horse is kept during the Palio of Siena. The Palio is four

The Palio di Siena festival

Sacred and profane blend together and ancient traditions are revived in the streets of Siena. The events that mark the

Duccio di Buoninsegna

The masterpiece of the Sienese artist Duccio di Buoninsegna is not only one of the greatest representatives of the 14th-century

Baptistery of San Giovanni

One of the most iconic examples of 15th-century Sienese painting The Baptistery of San Giovanni, located in the square of

Galluzza arches

The street of the Sienese dyers Via della Galluzza is undoubtedly one of the most iconic and picturesque alleys in


The oldest fountain in Siena Fontebranda is Siena’s most famous medieval fountain, located in Terzo di Camollia area, within the

The relics of St Catherine

The head and finger of the Sienese saint are on display in the Basilica of San Domenico Lapa Piacenti, the

The Basilica of San Domenico

A very important church for Siena, closely linked to the life of St Catherine The Basilica of San Domenico stands

Fortezza Medicea of Siena

Built, destroyed and rebuilt, the Fortezza Medicea has lived through both military and civil events from the 16th century to