The Corso in the evening

7 sett - Il Corso di sera

Siena in the evening after sunset is imbued with a magical atmosphere!

The last lights caressing the alleys and historic buildings make for a unique walk. From the Casin dei Nobili, continues uphill to Piazza Matteotti, passing through Piazza Tolomei and Piazza del Monte.

Walking the streets of the Corso, you will be able to stop and admire the windows of the historic shops that safeguard the memories of this city and are the stars of food and wine production and artisan excellence.

Enjoy the silence of a city rich in history and tradition, quietly savouring and gazing in awe at its wonders.

One of the most picturesque times to walk the streets of the city centre in the evening is, without a doubt, during the Palio.

Visitors can enjoy the typical songs and colours of the Sienese festival.

The so-called cenini are dinner parties that gather the people of each neighbourhood and bring the streets of the Corso to life in the days leading up to the race.

These dinners are eagerly awaited, and entire tables are set up in every district, invading the streets and squares of the historic centre, festively lighting up the city.


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