The fantastic world of Aldo Mondino on display at Santa Maria della Scala

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The city of Siena celebrates the extraordinary artistic career of Aldo Mondino with an exhibition entitled “START. An Unceasing Beginning,” which will be held until July 9 at the Santa Maria della Scala.

The exhibition curated by Vittoria Coen displays more than thirty masterpieces by the Turin-based master, from galleries and private collections, and recounts Mondino’s artistic research through the use of different techniques and materials: from iron to bronze to oil painting on linoleum, ranging in a wide variety of styles and subjects.


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The artist drew inspiration from the East, North Africa, India and the Jewish tradition, depicting common and extraordinary figures, such as dancers, merchants, spiritual guides and fire-eaters. Mondino was an eccentric and curious dandy who expressed in his works the thousands of experiences he lived through, always accompanied by a true and tireless intellectual curiosity.


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The exhibition focuses particularly on the Arab theme, developed around the mid-1980s, and the depiction of exotic figures in traditional dress, such as dervishes, sultans, and rabbis.

The city of Siena was also a source of inspiration for Mondino, who dedicated a large diptych in 1991 to his love for the city of the Palio.

The exhibition is set up in the spaces of the VI level of Palazzo Squarcialupi and enriched by the projection of the video “Dervishes” (Venice 1992, Archivio Garghetti Milano).

“Aldo Mondino. START. An unceasing beginning.”
is organized by the Fondazione Antico Ospedale Santa Maria della Scala in collaboration with Alessandro Bagnai, the Aldo Mondino Archive and is realized thanks to the contribution of Ars Movendi.



daily 10 a.m. – 7 p.m.



ticket office: tel. 0577 228744

offices: tel. 534505 -534507-292106



Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

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