The fountains of Siena.

Journey to the city's most beautiful monuments

Large, small, monumental and elegant, these are the fountains of Siena, gracing the neighbourhoods of the city of the Palio.

Let’s start with Fonte Gaia in Piazza del Campo, located opposite Palazzo Pubblico. It’s a fountain that is an interesting example of early Renaissance sculpture by sculptor Jacopo della Quercia. Then, there’s Fontebranda in the Contrada dell’Oca neighbourhood, where St. Catherine was born.

To admire them all, walk around the Contrade as each has its own fountain bearing the symbol of that part of the city and where children are baptized in the Contrada baptism ritual.

Discover all the fountains in the city of Siena.


The oldest fountain in Siena Fontebranda is Siena’s most famous medieval fountain, located in Terzo di Camollia area, within the

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