The summer of 2024 at Teatri di Siena features free drama, dance, music, and theatrical improvisations


From June to September, eighteen unmissable events with the “Sboccia l’estate” festival by Teatri di Siena, curated by Artistic Director Vincenzo Bocciarelli.

Drama, dance, music, and theatrical improvisations will take place in the city’s most enchanting locations, featuring nationally and internationally renowned artists along with Siena’s own theater companies.


The first event is on Friday, June 21, in Piazza Provenzano with two performances: “Respiri di bellezza” by the Francesca Selva company and “Siena, l’incanto nei secoli” directed by Franco Borghero.

The second event is on Sunday, June 23, in the Cortile del Podestà with the itinerant show “Teatro a Porter” by the cultural association Topi Dalmata. On Monday, June 24, also in the Cortile del Podestà, the play “Per una manciata di donne e terra” by Ensarte will be performed. June concludes with “Una camelia per due” on June 25, featuring Selene Gandini and Marta Nuti.

Highly anticipated is the concert “Russel Crowe and The Gentleman Barbers” in Piazza del Campo on Monday, July 22, at 10 PM. The festival continues on Tuesday, July 30, at the Fonti di Pescaia with the itinerant performance “Il poeta e la principessa” by Francesco Burroni, followed on July 31 by the comedy “Cara Anna Magnani” featuring Caterina Costantini. On Friday, August 2, in the cloister of San Cristoforo, “L’infernale pasticcio” with Ugo Giulio Lurini will be presented.

On Friday, August 23, the Fortezza will host actress and singer Lina Sastri with “La mia musica”, while on Saturday, August 24, also at the Fonti di Pescaia, the Francesca Selva company will present the dance performance “Amaro amore”.

In August, there will be four more events at the Fonti di Pescaia: on Sunday, August 25, with “Pierino e il lupo” by Vincenzo Bocciarelli and “Il carnevale degli animali” by Paola Benocci, on Monday, August 26, with “Metamorfosi di Ovidio” by Nina Pons, on Tuesday, August 27, with “Eva Jazz Latinity” by Eva Lopez, and on Wednesday, August 28, with a concert by Deschema, a well-known Tuscan rock band that made it to Sanremo Giovani.

The festival transitions from rock to opera with a concert by the Orchestra Città di Grosseto conducted by Maestro Marco Severi at the Teatro dei Rinnovati on Thursday, August 29.

Finally, three events will conclude the September program: on Sunday, September 1, in Piazzetta Grassi with “A Paris, a Paris, a Paris” by Luisa Noli, on Monday, September 2, with “Il Magnifico di Siena” by Altero Borghi, and closing the festival on Thursday, September 5, at the Teatro dei Rozzi with “Donne, un lungo racconto di Giacomo Puccini” by Solena Nocentini.

All performances, with free admission, will begin at 9:15 PM, while the Russell Crowe concert will start at 10 PM.


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