Discover the underground waterways in Siena

A visit to the Sienese underground aqueduct

Walking the streets of Siena, you will come across fascinating and mysterious stories.

One of these is hidden in the medieval springs: did you know that the spring waters come from a network of 25 kilometres of tunnels? Underground, Siena boasts a unique hydraulic system, the so-called ‘bottini’. These are a remarkable medieval engineering masterpiece that collect rainwater to supply the city with water. This engineering work was important for the urban development of the city and soon became functional for the daily life and activities of the Sienese. Some sections of these underground tunnels can be visited and walked through with a reservation.

Discover the underground waterways in Siena


The oldest fountain in Siena Fontebranda is Siena’s most famous medieval fountain, located in Terzo di Camollia area, within the

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