Urban Trekking

Il Trekking Urbano

A new tourism trend.

The National Urban Trekking Day has become a fixed event on Siena’s calendar every year. On 31 October, the streets of Siena (the national leader of the project) are invaded by tourists and residents curious to discover hidden corners and fun facts about the city and its characters.

Urban Trekking is being developed for the first time in Siena as a new, gentle approach to tourism to guide visitors away from the most popular routes.

It’s an activity that combines sports, art, taste and the desire to discover cities, along routes characterized by steep terrain gradients and stairways.

It’s a form of ‘vagabonding’ tourism, free and full of surprises, suitable for all ages, without special prior training.

Following routes designed by experts, the urban trekker has the opportunity to enjoy a unique travel experience, combining the opportunity to immerse oneself in art and nature while being active. In addition to being an activity that is good for the body and the mind, urban trekking is good for cities because it allows them to relieve congestion in areas with a high concentration of tourists, broaden the range of visits to more peripheral areas of urban centres and extend stays.

Any time of the year is suitable for experiencing Urban Trekking.

Day or night, summer or winter. Unlike trekking in fields and forests, trekking in the city can be enjoyed in any weather condition and at any time of the day, always following the suggested routes.

Urban trekking is not only good for the soul and mind, but it also keeps you fit. Walking at a brisk pace for at least 20 minutes can burn about 150 calories. It lowers the risk of hypertension and osteoporosis and treat the consequences of sedentary life such as stress, anxiety and depression.

The routes proposed by the cities that have joined National Urban Trekking Day in recent years have an average duration ranging from one to four hours, allowing those who walk them to burn a minimum of 450 calories (one-hour route) to a maximum of 1,800 calories (four-hour route).


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