Valentine’s Day in Siena

Panorama Siena da Camporegio

What to do on Valentine’s Day in Siena

Siena, with its medieval charm, transforms into a perfect setting to celebrate Valentine’s Day, the day dedicated to love. The city offers a romantic atmosphere and a variety of unforgettable activities for couples.

To immerse yourselves in history and art, the entrance to the Santa Maria della Scala museum is a must-visit. On Valentine’s Day, couples can enjoy a special offer, paying only one admission fee. Exploring the museum’s halls and exhibitions together becomes a unique experience, enriching your understanding of the city’s rich history.

Another unforgettable moment can be experienced in Piazza del Campo, the pulsating heart of Siena. Here, you can indulge in the San Giuseppe fritters at the quaint stall that produces these delights only during this time of the year. These delicious, warm, sugary fritters offer the perfect outdoor snack. The tradition of sharing fritters becomes a sweet gesture, symbolizing sharing and love.

A Romantic Stroll in Siena

A romantic experience in Siena wouldn’t be complete without a lovely stroll through the city’s streets, discovering its most suggestive corners and breathtaking views.

Among the most spectacular views, we highly recommend the sight from Via di Camporegio, considered the most romantic street of all. The soft light, historic buildings, and the unique perspective of this street create a magical atmosphere, perfect for a romantic walk.

Alternatively, a charming walk around the Fortezza Medicea is perfect for Valentine’s Day. From the Madonna’s bastion, you can admire an extraordinary panorama of the city of Siena. The city lights coming to life at dusk, combined with the grandeur of historic buildings, create a romantic and evocative setting, ideal for sharing special moments with your partner.


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