Via del Poggio

31 agosto - Via del Poggio

The ancient shortcut to Siena Cathedral

Go up Via di Monna Agnese, Via delle Campane and meet Via del Poggio, which continues to Via del Castoro and ends in Via del Capitano.

The name of this street is attested in the street directory approved by the City Council no. 221 on 27 May 1871. But Via del Poggio used to be called via del Piano di Santa Maria, as it was an alternative and less strenuous route to reach Via del Castoro from where you enter the square now dedicated to Jacopo della Quercia and the location of the hospital of Santa Maria della Scala and the Cathedral.

The street goes around one side of ‘Poggio di Santa Maria’ (Santa Maria hill), so presumably it was originally called Via del Poggio di Santa Maria, later shortened to Via del Poggio.

Along one side of the street stands the building that once housed Monna Agnese Hospital connected to Santa Maria della Scala by the Grand Duke of Tuscany Pietro Leopoldo at the end of the 18th century.

In 1783, the huge complex was emptied and a school for the daughters of the artisans was established within it. Over time, the building maintained its status as a women’s vocational institute until the 1970s when it also opened to boys and was named Monna Agnese in memory of its original purpose.


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