Via di Città

31 luglio - via di città

One of the most beautiful central roads in Siena.

Via di Città follows on from the Corso, slightly uphill. It’s characterised by a curtain of aristocratic palaces and craftsmen’s workshops, boutique shops and eating places.

This is definitely among the most elegant streets in Siena.

Originally, it was called via Galgaria due to the important presence of ‘galgari’ meaning tanners and shoemakers. Today’s name refers to the ancient meaning of ‘città’ (city) referring to the oldest nucleus of the Roman cities.

Via di Città is one of the three main streets in Siena’s old town. Specifically, it’s the one that forms the backbone of the Terzo di Città area, while the other two are Via Banchi di Sopra and Via Banchi di Sotto with their respective extensions.

The street climbs with a gentle slope and with breathtaking views, such as that of Piazza del Campo seen from the Costarella dei Barbieri. Here you simply must take a photo of the city.

If you are walking along this street, remember to also stop at the Bargello, a characteristic alleyway from where you can admire another famous view of the Torre del Mangia tower.

On the same side at number 75, is Palazzo Patrizi, a brick building housing the Accademia degli Intronati. Walk on to encounter Palazzo Chigi-Saracini , the headquarters of the prestigious music school Accademia Musicale Chigiana.

On the opposite side is Palazzo delle Papesse, which today houses a contemporary art collection.

Via di Città eventually flows into Piazza Postierla, called ‘Quattro Cantoni’ (four cantons) by the Sienese because the main streets of the Terzo intersect there.


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