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5 sett - Via duprè

007 film set

Via Duprè is located in the area of Terzo di Città where it crosses the Contrada dell’Onda and then flows into Piazza del Campo.

This street was chosen as a set to film some scenes of the famous film 007 ‘Quantum of Solace’ starring Daniel Craig.

After a frantic car chase in his Aston Martin DBS, James Bond arrived in Siena in front of the Church of San Giuseppe located at the crossroads of Via di Fontanella, Via Giovanni Duprè and Via Sant’Agata.

The secret agent walks up the slope of Via di Fontanella and passes the arch of Via Giovanni Duprè heading towards Piazza del Campo.

To film the scene, the camera was connected to special cables so it could be moved from street level to high above the rooftops.

The entrance to the tunnel was filmed in Piazzetta Della Paglietta, in Via Salicotto.

At the end of the tunnel was an MI6 shelter. M (Judi Dench) was waiting there for 007 and his prisoner. Mr White told them that the organisation of which he was a member had people everywhere. It turned out that M’s bodyguard, Craig Mitchell (Glenn Foster), was one of them. He tried to kill M to save Mr White. James Bond followed him into the underground aqueducts, into Piazza del Campo during the famous Palio, and over the roofs of the historic palaces until he found himself inside the bell tower.

The beginning and end of that chase were filmed in the studio using reconstructions of the underground aqueducts and the interior of the bell tower. The scenes in Piazza del Campo and on the rooftops were shot on location in Siena.

In May 2008, the film unit returned to Siena to shoot the chase in the city. There were 300 extras selected from 1500 applicants in Piazza del Campo when James Bond and Craig Mitchell were filmed running through the crowd.

Bond and Mitchell ran out of the square through an open gate. This is the entrance to the Civic Museum in Palazzo Pubblico in Piazza del Campo.

During the chase, James Bond jumped onto the balcony, entered the flat and jumped out of the window onto the roof of the bus. The scene with the bus was shot in Via Pantaneto.


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