View from Camporegio

26 luglio - panorama camporegio

Siena’s most incredible viewpoint

Via Camporegio offers the most spectacular views of the city.

Below the Basilica of San Domenico, close to the steps known as the Costa della Serpe, from here we skirt the tuff hill leading from San Domenico to Fontebranda.

Before descending, it’s impossible not to pause and take in the sheer beauty of the view with the Cathedral seemingly within reach and the endless expanse of red roofs, dotted by a few small orchards or perched gardens.

This very special and unique landscape will leave you speechless.

We recommend that you enjoy it in both daylight and at sunset. Even at night, it’s one of the most romantic and extraordinary places in Siena.

We recommend eating at one of the restaurants on the street to enjoy the beautiful view during a lunch or dinner in the city.

All the beauty of Siena will open up before your eyes.

More than all others, this views reflects Siena and its contrasts: the imposing magnificence of the cathedral surrounded by the tiny, humble houses inhabited by the citizens. Dwellings ‘that grab and hold each other tightly’, writes Federigo Tozzi, ‘pressing together, lowering and then rising’.

The name ‘Camporegio’ was recorded on 16th November 1084 and it comes from the Latin locution ‘Campus Regis’, meaning ‘field of the king’. This name was found in a lease dated 1084 for land located at le Sassa que dicitur a Camporegi.


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