Views from Loggia dei Nove

17 sett - panorama loggia dei Nove

Loggia dei Nove is one of the most amazing viewpoints in the city of Siena!

Hidden within the walls of the imposing Palazzo Pubblico is a beautiful terrace overlooking the green hills of Siena, and if you look carefully you can make out the tip of Mount Amiata.

This colourful landscape will remind you of the scenery born from the imagination of the writer Tolkien.

How do you get to this majestic Loggia? To get to this amazing place, just climb up a staircase decorated with a Madonna di Neroccio fresco by Bartolomeo Landi from 1481.

Meanwhile, the Loggia dates back to 1348 and it was used to grant a moment of leisure to the Nine Regents, who were forbidden to leave the palace except on holidays.

Large original fragments of Jacopo della Quercia’s Fonte Gaia fountain, now housed in the Santa Maria della Scala complex, were placed in the Loggia in 1904.

The Loggia is so atmospheric that it’s often chosen by many couples to celebrate ceremonies and weddings, with the beautiful Piazza del Campo providing the backdrop for welcoming the newlyweds.


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