VISIONARIES by Emanuele Giannelli

visionari di Emanuele Giannelli

The famous artist’s impressive sculptures arrive in Siena

From April 7 to June 16, 2023, the city of Siena becomes the site of an extraordinary art exhibition by Emanuele Giannelli, one of Italy’s best-known and most appreciated artists.

The exhibition, titled
will see the historic center come alive with impressive artistic creations and monumental installations, while a rich assortment of sculptures will be set up in the Magazzini del Sale inside the Palazzo Pubblico.


The exhibition itinerary will unfold through the most evocative spaces of Siena’s historic center, where Giannelli’s impressive sculptures can dialogue with their surroundings. The route begins at Porta Romana, where two imposing
which reach a total height of five meters. Continuing along the path, one comes across the Pope’s Lodges, where six
each 2.70 meters tall. In the Podesta Courtyard, however, we find two monumental Dizzy ‘s , equipped with digital screens, and the large
Bacteria Hunter


On the exterior wall of the Malavolti Tower, four specimens of
States of Alertness
. The last piece of the outdoor trail is the largest installation of the exhibition, a large metal structure five meters high and five meters wide that houses five Korf specimens within a geometric layout, creating a huge observatory of the virtual and the invisible.

Bacteria hunter
Bacteria hunter

Instead, the second part of the exhibition is set up inside the Magazzini del Sale of the Palazzo Pubblico in Piazza il Campo, accessible from the Cortile del Podestà, where the two Dizzy and the Bacteria Hunter can already be seen. In this very atmospheric, multi-level space, Emanuele Giannelli has created an itinerary that highlights his most famous sculptures, starting with the famous
Mr. Arbitrium,
of which there are two specimens of different sizes (one 90 cm high and the other 30 cm high).


At the core of Giannelli’s inspiration in creating his works is the enhancement of a different and unconventional point of view on everyday issues, allowing them to be observed in a new light. His goal is to build a world in which humanity can emerge out of subjugation to the industrialization process.

For Giannelli, diversity, in all its forms, has always been a source of inspiration. As Erasmus of Rotterdam stated, “the best ideas do not come from rationality, but rather from lucid, visionary madness,” and in this sense ‘vision’ is a key element. This concept is the title of the works that make up the exhibition show in Siena, an event Giannelli dedicates to young people and their need to have a vision, a dream, a desire turned toward the future.



Born in Rome in 1962, Emanuele Giannelli moved to Carrara just before the age of 20 to devote himself to sculpture, which he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts, graduating with honors in 1984. During this period, Giannelli moved away from classical forms to embrace contemporary sculpture and industrial culture, influenced by electronic music, books, comic books, and punk as a youth protest movement. The artist experiments with new materials and techniques, travels between Berlin, New York and London, and develops his artistic narrative based on the human figure and its transformation in the chaos of contemporary society.


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