Why go to Siena?

perchè andare a Siena

6 reasons why you must visit this city.

Siena is a medieval city steeped in history, rich in art and culture and a fine destination much loved by foodies. Extremely interesting from both a gastronomic and artistic point of view, this city hides unique architectural gems. It’s certainly famous and acclaimed particularly for the Palio. Visitors flock from all over Italy and the world especially to see the most important event in the city’s history.

But Siena is more than just the Palio and Piazza del Campo (where the event is held), and in this article, we reveal 6 reasons to visit this charming medieval town that is so mysterious and attractive.

    1. The atmosphere here is authentic and sincere; the city really seems to have remained in the past, close to its own history and traditions.
    2. You eat well everywhere. You can’t go wrong with a trattoria or restaurant in Siena! Traditional recipes are carried on by restaurateurs and in the old town the smells of the bakeries will guide you to the sweet delicacies most loved by the Sienese. There are no ‘tourist traps’, you will find locals everywhere.

    4. The beauty of the architecture, squares and buildings make Siena a photogenic city! Around every corner, hides a lookout and a feast for the eyes.
    5. You can soak up art in its streets. The city is full of important museums that encapsulate an immensely valuable artistic and cultural heritage. Starting with the main cultural institutions: Santa Maria della Scala complex, the Civic Museum and the Opera del Duomo Museum.

    7. The hospitality and folklore of the Sienese will leave you with great travel memories. The Sienese are known for their hospitality and liveliness, turning your trip to Siena into an unforgettable experience.
    8. Siena is a surprising city. It manages to surprise you even when you think you know it in every way. All it takes is a glance, a light, a new perspective to notice the beauties we don’t pay attention to, perhaps because we are passing through or caught up in the hustle and bustle of the city. ‘Siena, a mysterious city with a spiral shape and streets that twist on each other, awaits us under towers and a huge moon. It’s the city that has remained the most integral in Italy, a Medieval city.


(Guido Piovene)


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