Wildlife in Siena: useful tips


Siena and its province are densely populated with wildlife. Driving on the suburban and urban roads of the province, it’s not uncommon to encounter wild animals of various types and sizes such as wild boar, deer and foxes.

Indeed, roads travelled by vehicles often intersect with the natural paths of wildlife.

What’s more, it’s not uncommon to encounter animals while hiking or walking in green areas.

If you find an injured or distressed wild animal, mammal or bird, call one of the Wildlife Rescue Centres in the region of Tuscany by following the instructions on this link: https://www.regione.toscana.it/-/sos-animali-selvatici-feriti-o-in-difficolta

The animal emergency phone number for the area of Siena is (+39) 331 1285509

Meanwhile, follow this link for a useful pamphlet created by the Siena Provincial Police with tips for preventing road accidents involving wildlife http://www.provincia.siena.it/images/allegati/opuscolo_incidenti_fauna.pdf.


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